During the field season of 1956 and 1957, an area in the NW part of the province la La Coruña was investigated. On the north the area is bounded by the Atlantic ocean, its southern boundary is formed by the roads: Beo-Malpica and Malpica-Buño. The Monte Neme forms the eastern limit of the mapped area. Formerly this area has been studied by Professor I. Parga-Pondal and L.T. Schoon. The results of these investigations served as a basis for this study. Along the coast a well exposed complete cross section through the Central complex can be studied. A part of the Lage formation is exposed at the ends of the cross section, viz. the augengneisses of the Cabo de San Adrian in the west and the migmatites of the Monte Neme in the east. Special attention has been paid to the basic intercalations, which frequently occur in the rocks of the Central complex. The characteristics of these intercalations served to elucidate the metamorphic history of the region. Their sensitivity to changes in temperature and pressure make them a much better metamorphic indicator, especially in microscopic study, than the acid rocks. The mineralogical composition of the latter is hardly affected by metamorphism; its main influence being apparent in structural changes of these rocks.