During an extensive investigation on Upper Jurassic and Lower Cretaceous pollen and spores we were able to make a detailed study of Classopollis (Pflug 1953) Pocock & Jansonius 1961. The basic material for our study consisted of a boring section in the East of Holland, that was very kindly placed to the disposal of Dr. Th. van der Hammen, head of the Palynological Laboratory, by the N.V. Nederlandsche Aardolie Maatschappij (N.A.M.) in Oldenzaal. The grains of Classopollis form an interesting object of inquiry because of the complexity of features to be observed on these grains. All that has been published about Classopollis before has been insufficient for any comparison with new material, both concerning the descriptions and the illustrations. It was the outstanding publication of Pocock and Jansonius (1961), that contained detailed and complete descriptions of some Classopollis species which permitted us to make a comparison with the Dutch Classopollis grains.