This excursion program anticipates the publication of a PhD. thesis (Vogel, in preparation) in this periodical and is intended as a guide to those points at Cabo Ortegal, that are readily accessible, well exposed and of general petrological interest. The described localities are indicated on a small map (fig. 1 ) and can also be found on the 1 : 25,000 topographical maps edited by the Cartografía Militar de España: sheet 1 (quadrants I, Cabo Ortegal; II, Ortigueira and III, Pontigás) and sheet 7 (quadrants I, Feria and IV, Cedeira) or on the 1 : 50,000 topographical maps edited by the Instituto Geográfico y Catastral, Madrid: sheets 1 (Ortigueira) and 7 (Cedeira). The author is grateful to Prof. Dr. E. den Tex for reading and correcting the text. EXCURSION I, duration 2 or 5 h.; to be made preferably on Sunday. Start before Bar Bahia, Cariño.