Probably Lower Paleozoic quartzo-pelitic schists with bands of feldspathic schists, white and black quartzites, graphite schists and amphibolites have been folded twice. Hercynian regional metamorphism led to porphyroblastic growth of chlorite, albite, biotite, garnet, staurolite mainly between F1 and F2. Andalusite porphyroblasts are related to Hercynian granite intrusions of varying age with respect to F2. An isograd map of biotite, garnet, staurolite and andalusite is presented. Structures elucidating the relations between deformation phases and metamorphic mineral growth are discussed.

Leidse Geologische Mededelingen

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van Meerbeke, G.L.E, Hilgen, J.D, & Floor, P. (1973). Preliminary results of the investigation of the central galician schist area (prov. of Orense and Pontevedra, NW Spain). Leidse Geologische Mededelingen, 49(1), 33–37.