Notwithstanding the fact that representants of this group were already known to Prof. C. G. Ehrenberg, the great micropaleontologist of the first half of the 19th century and subsequent authors have mentioned them from various localities, they have remained almost unknown. Their organic nature too has not always been recognised. In 1843 Prof. Ehrenberg referred them to his group „Polygastern” with the name Actiniscus; in his „Microgeologie”, however, they were considered as inorganic bodies and mentioned as „Crystalldrusen"", „Seheibensternchen"" or „Crystalloids"" (Bibl. 2, p. 115, p. 156, etc.). Very accurate descriptions of these forms are given by Mr. Hill from Barbados, where they are found in the calciferous oceanic deposits lying under the famous Radiolarian deposits in the marls directly overlain by the raised coral reefs (Bibl. 4, p. 177 & 216). He called them „crystalloids"".