Foraminifera are found in the Palaeozoic and Mesozoic deposits of the Netherlands East Indies. Palaeozoic forms have been described or recorded from Sumatra, Timor, Luang, and Letti, while Mesozoic ones are known not only from those islands, but also from Borneo, Java, Rotti, Halmaheira, Sula, Ceram, Great Obi, and New Guinea (?). All the Palaeozoic and Mesozoic forms, generically distinguished, are listed below, with citation of the localities and geological ages. In this list the genera except in the case of Family Fusulinidae, are arranged after J. A. Cushman's system, set forth in his „Foraminifera, their Classification and Economic Use”, 1928. Regarding this family, we rather prefer the classification of C. O. Dunbar and G. E. Condra (Bibl. 8a) to that of the late Y. Ozawa published in Cushman’s work, cited above.