Asterocheres echinicola (Norman, 1868) is a common associate of marine sponges (Halichondria, Haliclona, Grantia) on the Dutch North Sea and French Channel coasts. It is proved that A. kervillei Canu, 1898, is a synonym of A. echinicola and that Sars (1915), Klie (1933), and Lang (1949) recorded this species under the erroneous name Ascomyzon parvum.

Bulletin Zoologisch Museum

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Stock, J. H. (1967). Sur trois especes de Copepodes synonymes ou confondues: Asterocheres echinicola (Norman), A. parvus Giesbrecht et A. kervillei Canu (Cyclopoida Siphonostoma). Bulletin Zoologisch Museum, 1(4), 31–35.