Systematic sampling proved that members of the Echinogammarus Simonigroup are the dominant freshwater amphipods in the southern half of the Iberian peninsula. It became clear, that the presence (as recorded in literature) of E. simoni in the system of the river Duero was due to confusion with members of the genus Eulimnogammarus. The systematical position of the simoni – group within the genus Echinogammarus is discussed and comparative descriptions of all the members of this group are given, along with a key for their identification. Where possible, notes are given on the variability and ecology of the different species.

Bulletin Zoologisch Museum

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Pinkster, S., & Stock, J. H. (1972). Members of the Echinogammarus simoni-group and the genus Eulimnogammarus (Crustacea – Amphipoda) from the Iberian peninsula and North Africa, with description of a new species. Bulletin Zoologisch Museum, 2(10), 85–99.