Elaphoidella nuragica n.sp., from groundwater of Sardinia, Italy, is described, and Elaphoidella cvetkae Petkovski, 1983, known only from Yugoslavia, is for the first time reported from Italy. The new species belongs to the simplex-group of Elaphoidella s.str., sensu Apostolov (1985), being close to E. longifurcata Chappuis & Kiefer, 1952, and E. mauro Chappuis, 1952, both from groundwater of France. E. cvetkae, belonging to the gracilits-group, is redescribed and briefly discussed; the species is new to Italy.

Bulletin Zoologisch Museum

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Pesce, G. L., & Galassi, D. (1986). A new species of Elaphoidella from groundwater of Sardinia, and first record of Elaphoidella cvetkae Petkovski from Italy (Crustacea: Harpacticoida). Bulletin Zoologisch Museum, 10(27), 221–223.