Balanus tintinnabulum (Linnaeus, 1758) is recorded as autochthonous from buoys in the coastal waters of the Netherlands. Dimensions reached within a limited time, giving an indication of growth rate, are given for Balanus tintinnabulum, Balanus perforatus Bruguière, 1789, B. improvisus Darwin, 1854, B. crenatus Bruguière, 1789, and Elminius modestus Darwin, 1854.

Bulletin Zoologisch Museum

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Buizer, D. A. G. (1980). Balanus tintinnabulum (Linnaeus, 1758) autochthonous in the Netherlands, with notes on size and growth rate of other operculate barnacles (Cirripedia, Balanomorpha). Bulletin Zoologisch Museum, 7(15), 149–152.