All 168 known species within the 6 genera of the caddisfly family Helicopsychidae are cataloged. Included are all synonyms, type localities, type depositories and species ranges. A historical summary of the taxonomy used within the family is given as well as the biology of the different life stages on generic level. Due to uncertain taxonomic position Helicopsyche helicoidella (Vallot, 1855), Helicopsyche pupoidea (Gould, 1864), Helicopsyche scalaris Hagen, 1864, Helicopsyche thelidomus Hagen, 1864, Helicopsyche arenifera (Lea, 1834), Helicopsyche braziliensis (Swainson, 1840) and Helicopsyche colombiensis von Siebold, 1856 are not included in the catalog. Helicopsyche fannii Rougemont, 1879 was never described and is listed as nomen nudum. Helicopsyche lustrica (Say, 1821) is listed as a new synonym under Helicopsyche borealis (Hagen, 1861).