In his article on the distribution of Lymnaea glabra in the Netherlands, den Doop (1913 : 41) remarked that the mollusk fauna of this country had not much been studied. Miss Scholten (1913 : 348) agreed with this opinion, she thought that our mollusk fauna was only known to a very few conchologists. Miss Scholten believed that it would be useful if shell collectors from different places should publish their records with exact dates and localities, and she started in her publication by giving the distribution of 61 Dutch land and freshwater snails, known to her since 1912. Van der Sleen (1914 : 450) supported the idea to come to a better knowledge of the Dutch mollusk fauna; he enlarged Scholten’s list with ten nonmarine gastropods, he gave new localities for a number of landsnails, and started with a list of 16 freshwater bivalves. Van der Sleen also asked for references on marine shells, since he intended to publish a list of marine mollusks of the Netherlands (van der Sleen, 1915). Also in 1914, Pinkhof published about Dutch slugs, as a reaction on miss Scholten’s article.