A review is given of the Australiosomatini reported from Queensland. Three species and a subspecies are described as new: Cladethosoma uncinatum n. sp., Heterocladosoma trabeatum n. sp., Heterocladosoma transversetaeniatum (L. Koch), ssp. perarmatum n. ssp., and Streptocladosoma solum n. sp. Redescriptions of four species are provided: Phyllocladosoma annulatipes (Verhoeff), P. broelemanni (Verhoeff), Heterocladosoma bifalcatum (Silvestri) and H. hamuligerum (Verhoeff). Of two more species, information on the gonopods is given, leading to the generic reallocation of Strongylosoma asperum L. Koch in Heterocladosoma. Altogether five genera and 12 identifiable species are known.