The Salp genera Traustedtia Metcalf, 1918, Weelia Yount, 1954 and Brooksia Metcalf, 1918 are revised, resulting in the conclusion that Traustedtia is a monotypical genus, and that Brooksia on the other hand, contains two taxa, one of which is newly described under the name B. berneri. Weelia shows a confusing variation, which must await further study. The variation in Ihlea punctata (Forskål, 1775) shows that there is no ground for the assumption that the species described as Ihlea asymmetrica (Fowler, 1896) is separate from I. punctata. Two undescribed taxa, reported upon in previous studies of the present author, are now fully described as new species: Cyclosalpa danae and Thalia rhinoceros.