A lectotype is selected — and its skull figured, for the first time — for Dobsonia pannietensis (De Vis, 1905), which is considered to be a good species. Specimens have been examined from the Louisiades, the D’Entrecasteaux Group, Trobriand Island and Woodlark Island. The species varies per island or island group in dimensions and/or proportions. The skull of the holotype of Dobsonia remota Cabrera, 1920, is figured — also for the first time. The possible synonymy of this species with D. pannietensis is discussed. The holotype, from Trobriand, is still the only known specimen. Specimens from Bougainville, Solomon Islands, referred to remota by McKean (1972), are in fact juvenile Dobsonia inermis Andersen, 1909.


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Bergmans, Wim. (1979). Taxonomy and zoogeography of Dobsonia Palmer, 1898, from the Louisiade Archipelago, the D’Entrecasteaux Group, Trobriand Island and Woodlark Island (Mammalia, Megachiroptera). Beaufortia, 29(355), 199–214.