A lower premolar from the Longgupo Cave, Sichuan, China and three lower premolars from the Liucheng Gigantopithecus Cave, Guangxi, are described as Hystrix zhengi n. sp. The localities Longgupo and Liucheng are of Early Nihewanian age, which correlates with the Late Pliocene (Villanyian) of Europe. The specimens are considered to represent a late occurrence of a brachyodont species, agreeing with the replacement of brachyodont Hystrix species by hypsodont ones in Europe during the Late Pliocene.

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Keywords Hystrix, China, Nihewanian, Early Pleistocene, Late Pliocene, H. zhengi, H. magna, H. kiangsenensis
Journal Beaufortia

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van Weeks, D.J, & Zhaoqun, Zhang. (1999). Hystrix zhengi n. so., a brachyodont Porcupine (Rodentia) from early Nihewanian stage, early Pleistocene of China. Beaufortia, 49(7), 55–62.