Two new species of the genus Protomyctophum from the Southern Ocean are described. P. mcginnisi n. sp. (from off the Southern Shetland Islands) is most closely related to P. bolini (Fraser-Brunner, 1949), from which it differs in photophore arrangement, in metallic shine of the photophores, and in higher number of gill-rakers on the first gill arch. P. kolaevi n. sp. (from off the Balleny Islands) is most closely related to P. tenisoni (Norman, 1930) and especially to P. choriodon Hulley, 1981, but differs from both these species by its much wider interorbital space, and in photophore arrangement. A key to the species of Protomyctophum known south of the subtropic convergence is included.

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Prokofiev, A. M. (2004). Two new species of Protomyctophum (Pisces, Teleostei, Myctophidae) from the Southern Ocean. Beaufortia, 54(4), 67–74.