Six new species and three new subspecies of Lunatipula Edwards are described respectively characterized. The geographical variation of some species is illustrated. The new taxa are: Tipula (Lunatipula) iberica spimila from Morocco, T. (L.) capra from Italy, T. (L.) profdrassi and T. (L.) monstrabilis from Greece, T. (L.) brunneinervis sinedente, T. (L.) emmahelene, T. (L.) pseudolunata pseudolunata and T. (L.) quinquespinis from Turkey and T. (L.) pseudolunata spinalonga from Russia. Also presented are the supposed females of T. (L.) leda Mannheims, (L:) dracula Theischinger and T. (L.) charybdis Theischinger. It is established that T. (L.) polyhymnia Theischinger is the female and therefore a junior synonym of T. (L.) leda Mannheims and that T. (L.) pan Mannheims is only infraspecifically different from T. (L.) macroselene Strobl. Type material of new taxa is lodged at the Zoölogisch Museum Amsterdam ZMA (the Netherlands).