A review is given of literature on Moroccan members of the genus Gammarus (Crustacea Amphipoda). Only four Gammarus species were known with certainty from Morocco, viz. Gammarus gauthieri (Karaman, 1935); Gammarus acalceolatus Pinkster, 1971; Gammarus rouxi Pinkster & Goedmakers, 1975; and Gammarus microps Pinkster & Goedmakers, 1975. In the present paper, a new species of Gammarus, G. maroccanus n. sp. is described from freshwater of the northern central region in Morocco, with remarks on its affinities and its ecology.

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Keywords systématique, Crustacés Amphipodes, Gammarus, Maroc
Journal Beaufortia

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Fadil, Fatima, & Dakki, Mohamed. (2001). Remarques sur la présence du genre Gammarus (Crustacés amphipodes) au Maroc, avec description d’une nouvelle espèce. Beaufortia, 51(9), 153–161.