Eight new species and three new subspecies of Lunatipula Edwards are described and their affinities are discussed. The new taxa are: Tipula (Lunatipula) rocina from Spain, T. (L.) antichasia, T. (L.) hera, T. (L.) klytaimnestra, T. (L.) pythia. T. (L.) caudispina parnonensis, T. (L.) penelope eurykleia, T. (L.) sigma, T. (L.) truncata ciconia and T. (L.) vogtenhuberi from Greece and T. (L.) peteri from Turkey. Also characterized are the hitherto unknown male of T. (L.) titania Mannheims and the females of T. (L.) caudispina caudispina Pierre, T. (L.) dedecor Loew, T. (L.) eugeniana Simova, T. (L.) turca Mannheims and T. (L.) wewalkai Theischinger. T. (L.) kuehnelti Theischinger, 1979, is established as a synonym of T. (L.) pseudocinerascens Strobl. Type material of the new taxa is lodged at Museum Alexander Koenig in Bonn (GFR), Oberösterreichisches Landesmuseum in Linz (Austria), and Zoölogisch Museum Amsterdam.