Dobsonia minor (Dobson, 1879) and D. magna Thomas, 1905 are recorded from Yapen Island for the first time. D. beauforti Bergmans, 1975 is recorded from Biak and Owii Islands; hitherto, it was known from Waigeo only. Dobsonia emersa n. sp. is described from Biak and Owii Islands. A possibly related taxon is reported from Numfoor Island. The taxonomy of Dobsonia species belonging to the moluccensis group sensu Andersen, 1909 is briefly discussed.

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Journal Beaufortia

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Bergmans, Wim, & Sarbini, Sukaeri. (1985). Fruit Bats of the genus Dobsonia Palmer, 1898 from the Islands of Biak, Owii, Numfoor and Yapen, Irian Java (Mammalia, Megachiroptera). Beaufortia, 34(6), 181–189.