Recently the Zoological Museum in Amsterdam came into possession of three specimens of the White-beaked Dolphin, Lagenorhynchus albirostris. As data on this species are rather scarce, it may be useful to publish a few notes on these animals. The first dolphin, a female, was caught in the North Sea at 7.3 miles N.N.W. from IJmuiden (about 52° 34’ N, 4° 30’ E) at the end of November 1958 by a commercial fish-trawler. The animal was obtained by the Netherlands Whale Research Group T.N.O. (Prof. dr. E. J. Slijper and Drs. W. L. van Utrecht), Amsterdam, for anatomical studies. Afterwards the skull and the complete skeleton were presented to the Zoological Museum. The dolphin was pregnant, its fetus weighed 1.5 kg. This specimen bears the registration number ZMA 2483.