Three Ampelisca species (fam. Ampeliscidae) from Antarctic waters (Arthur Harbor, Anvers Island) are studied and described: A. anversensis n. sp., A. bouvieri Chevreux, 1913, and A. richardsoni n. sp. The specimens of A. anversensis are considered the Antarctic counterpart of the species A. macrocephala Liljeborg, 1852. A. richardsoni was hitherto confused with A. eschrichtii Krøyer, 1842. A new locality for A. bouvieri is established. In establishing differences between Antarctic populations (anversensis n. sp., richardsoni n. sp.) and North Atlantic populations (macrocephala, eschrichtii), the non-existence of bipolar Ampelisca species is proved.


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Karaman, G. S. (1975). Contribution to the knowledge of the Amphipoda 68. Descriptions of two new species of the genus Ampelisca (family Ampeliscidae), along with a redescription of A. bouvieri Chevreux, 1913. Beaufortia, 24(311), 37–54.