The paper reports on a habitat study of the Sakumo-Lagoon, Ghana, West-Africa, in which a new parasitic copepod species, Paeonodes lacunaris van Banning, 1974, was found in the buccal cavity of the host Tilapia melanotheron Rüppel, 1852. Data are given of the infestation rate and intensity of P. lagunaris, together with their relationship with the salinity of the area and the age of the host.


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Naturalis journals & series

Pauly, D. (1974). On some features of the infestation of the mouth-breeding fish Tilapia melanotheron Rüppel, 1852 by the parasitic copepod Paeonodes lagunaris van Banning, 1974. Beaufortia, 22(287), 9–15.