While working at the Rijksinstituut voor Visserijonderzoek (R.V.I.O.) at IJmuiden, I received through the courtesy of Mr. C. van Delft some specimens of the three northern Atlantic species of wolf-fishes. At IJmuiden they are brought in by commercial trawlers. The only data in the literature known to me concerning the otoliths of Anarrhichas are those furnished by FROST, 1929. This author published only very sketchy illustrations of two of the northern Atlantic species. I thought it useful, therefore, to describe, illustrate and compare in this paper the otoliths of all three Anarrhichas species. The three species of wolf-fishes in the northern Atlantic are: Anarrhichas lupus, A. minor and A. latifrons. The otoliths (sagittae) in this genus are of very small size in relation to the dimensions of the fishes. They could be located only by means of a x-ray photograph, taken with the kind assistence of Mr. W. Heermans.