Fifteen years ago, H. Helfer in his paper ”Einige neue Pantopoden aus der Sammlung des Zoologischen Museums in Berlin” (Sitz. Ber. Ges. Naturf. Fr., Berlin 1937 (1938), pp. 162—185) established 5 new genera, each based on a new species, 2 new species belonging to known genera, and 3 new varieties. Since then, several authors have expressed their doubt about the validity of Helfer’s new forms. Indeed, Helfer’s descriptions and figures leave doubt as to the affinities of the material. Often the descriptions and the figures are contradictory e.g., in Heteronymphon kempi var. dimorpha the figure of the chelifore shows one suture too much, and in Pycnosoma batangense a suture too little.