The post-juvenile moult of the Bearded Tit, Panurus biarmicus, has been described quantitatively on the basis of mass trappings of the explosively increased population in Zuidelijk Flevoland, the Netherlands. The strongly scheduled moult takes place from the end of July till the beginning of October, a period during which practically all wing feathers are being replaced in 56 days. Body feathers are moulted at the same time as the wing feathers but this process is completed later. The post-juvenile moult causes a considerable reduction in flying capacity. Tentativily the timing of this moult is related to other activities of this species in summer and autumn.


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Buker, J. B., Buurma, L. S., & Osieck, E. R. (1975). Post-juvenile moult of the Bearded Tit, Panurus biarmicus (Linnaeus, 1758), in Zuidelijk Flevoland, the Netherlands (Aves, Timaliinae). Beaufortia, 23(306), 169–179.