Examination of 291 specimens of Chilodus, a genus of South American fresh water fishes, yielded the presence of three species, viz.: C. punctatus, C. zunevei, and C. gracilis. Of the first species the lectotype is designated. The type material of C. zunevei is lost; new material enabled a redescription of this species. C. gracilis is described as a new species, although it is known as an aquarium fish since decades. The three species are illustrated; a key to them and a map showing their distribution are included.


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Isbrücker, I., & Nijssen, H. (1988). Review of the South American characiform fish genus Chilodus, with description of a new species, C. gracilis (Pisces, Characiformes, Chilodontidae). Beaufortia, 38(3), 47–56.