Two species of Stygocarididae are described: Stygocaris giselae sp. n. from Australia (Victoria) and Stygocarella pleotelson gen. n., sp. n. from New Zealand (Westland). A list is given of all known localities of Stygocarididae in New Zealand. The genus Oncostygocaris gen. n. is erected for Stygocaris patagonica. Full diagnoses are given for the genera Stygocaris, Oncostygocaris gen. n. and Stygocarella gen. n.

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Journal Beaufortia

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Schminke, H. K. (1980). Zur Systematik der Stygocarididae (Crustacea, Syncardia) und beschreibung zweier neuer Arten (Stygocarella pleotelson Gen. n., Sp. n. und Stygocaris giselae Sp. n.). Beaufortia, 30(6), 139–154.