This paper is based on the material of Callichthyid catfishes (genera Hoplosternum and Callichthys) present in the collections of the Zoological Museum, Amsterdam. The study was induced by some specimens of „kwi-kwi” introduced from Paramaribo by Mr. Arn. J. d’Ailly mayor of Amsterdam. Some of the specimens are still alive in the local aquarium. Two forms may clearly be distinguished and identified as Hoplosternum littorale (Hancock, 1828), and Hoplosternum thoracatum (Valenciennes, 1840), though both are subspecifically different.


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Hoedeman, J.J. (1952). Notes on the Ichthyology of Surinam (Dutch Guiana). The Catfish genera Hoplosternum and Callichthys, with key to the genera and groups of the family Callichthyidae. Beaufortia, 1(12), 1–12.