Hitherto unreported australasian Pteropodinae and Nyctimeninae from the collections of the Zoölogisch Museum in Amsterdam and some important samples of Nyctimeninae from the Nationaal Natuurhistorisch Museum (formerly: Rijksmuseum van Natuurlijke Historie) in Leiden are reported and discussed. The published first occurrence of Pteropus vampyrus on Krakatau Islands after the last eruption is preceded by a specimen found there eight years earlier. The fruit bat material collected on Buru Island by L.J. Toxopeus in 1921-1922, as far as deposited in Amsterdam, is reported for the first time. New localities are reported for Pteropus griseus griseus, P. personatus, P. tonganus geddiei, P. caniceps, Macroglossus minimus nanus, Syconycteris australis papuana, Nyctimene albiventer subsp., Nyctimene keasti tozeri, Nyctimene aello, Nyctimene rabori, and Paranyctimene raptor. The first case of (near-) sympatry of Macroglossus minimus and M. sobrinus on Java is presented. Nyctimene from the Talaud Islands is identified as N. rabori, not N. cephalotes. Nyctimene from New Britain are provisionally referred to N. albiventer and N. vizcaccia. The first specimen of Nyctimene from Babar Island, Indonesia, is recorded and described as a new subspecies of Nyctimene keasti. Paranyctimene is considered a subgenus of Nyctimene. A new species and a new subspecies of Nyctimene (Paranyctimene) from Papua New Guinea and West Papua, Indonesia, are described. Parasitic Diptera (Nycteribiidae) were collected from several of the studied fruit bat species. They have been identified and are reported in their hosts’ accounts.