An incomplete odontocete (Mammalia, Cetacea) skull from Middle Miocene Miste Bed (near Winterswijk in the eastern part of The Netherlands) is described as Vanbreenia trigonia, a new genus and species. The skull exhibits a short rostrum with only two maxillary teeth for each toothrow and with narrow and toothless apical portion exclusively formed by the premaxilla. Considering this last character, the specimen could belong to the Eurhinodelphinidae even if a certain attribution is not possible because of the incompleteness of the specimen. Vanbreenia n. gen. could represent a specialized adaptation to bottom suction feeding among the eurhinodelphinids.

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Bianucci, G., & Landini, W. (2002). A new short-rostrum odontocete (Mammalia: Cetacea) from the middle Miocene of the Eastern Netherlands. Beaufortia, 52(11), 187–196.