Two subspecies new to science: Diacria quadridentata erythra and Cavolinia uncinata pulsatapusilla are described from the Red Sea. The formae: D.q. quadridentata forma schmidti, D.q. erythra forma erythra, D.q.e. forma crassa, C. longirostris forma flexipes, C. uncinata pulsalapusilla forma pulsatapusilla and C.u.p. forma pulsatoides new to science are described from the Pacific Ocean and Red Sea.


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Naturalis journals & series

van der Spoel, S. (1971). New forms of Diacria quadridentata (de Blainville, 1821), Cavolinia longirostris (de Blainville, 1821) and Cavolinia uncinata (Rang, 1829) from the Red Sea and the East Pacific Ocean (Mollusca, Pteropoda). Beaufortia, 19(243), 1–20.