Descriptions are given of two new phreatobitic species of the genus Synasellus Braga, 1944, from Huelva Province, Andalusia, Spain. A check-list is presented of the 32 known species of the genus with their type-localities. A primary homonymy is corrected: Synasellus bragai Henry & Magniez, 1987 = Synasellus bragaianus nom. nov. Notes are made on the ecology, biogeography and evolution of the Asellidae of the Iberian peninsula.

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Henry, J.-P., & Magniez, G. (1995). Présence de synasellus (Crustacea, Isopoda, Asellidae, Stygobies) dans la Province de Huelva (Espagne). Beaufortia, 45(4), 51–60.