The present article mainly concerns the birds of northern Edgeøya, where a Netherlands’ expedition had residence for a consecutive period of thirteen months. In addition, information from Hornsund, Kvalpynten and Hopen, also visited by members of the Expedition, is given. Data concerning weight, food, moult, plumage and phenology are presented as well as measurements of the specimens collected. Special attention has been paid to Gavia stellata (taxonomy), Fulmarus glacialis (colour phases), Branta leucopsis (breeding), Stercorarius parasiticus and Stercorarius pomarinus (plumages), Sterna paradisaea (breeding), Cepphus grylle (phenology) and Plectrophenax nivalis (taxonomy). For the first part of this study, see: Korte, J. de (1972), Beaufortia, 19 (253): 113— 150.