The recent species of the genus Enallopsammia Michelotti (Madreporaria, Dendrophylliidae). Description of Enallopsammia marenzelleri, new bathyal species with wide range (Indonesia-Azores). Previously the new species had been confused together with E. profunda (Pourtalès), the latter known only from the American Atlantic between Cuba and Georgia. Already collected by the “Siboga” at the Kei Islands in 1899 and by the “Valdivia” at the Nicobares in 1899, E. marenzelleri was more recently collected in the Eastern central Atlantic: by the “Meteor” at the Great Meteor Seamount in 1967, and by the “Jean Charcot” at the Azores in 1971. The new species is compared with recent and fossil species here attributed to the same genus which is herewith revised.


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Zibrowius, H. (1973). Revision des espèces actuelles du genre Enallopsammia Michelotti, 1871, et description de E. marenzelleri, nouvelle espèce bathyale à large distribution: Océan Indien et Atlantique Central (Madreporaria, Dendrophyllidae). Beaufortia, 21(276), 37–54.