The cytological conditions in the land snail Succinea (Succinella) oblonga are described (n = 12) and compared to those in the genus Catinella (n = 6). The mutual relations between the karyotypes of Succinella and Catinella are discussed. Though the chromosome number of Succinella is an exact duplicate of most of the Catinella species Succinella is not considered a polyploid of one of those. The status of the subgenus Succinella is reconsidered, and the recognition of a full generic rank is proposed.


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Kiauta, B, & Butot, L.J.M. (1968). The chromosomes of Succinea (Succinella) oblonga Draparnaud, 1801, with considerations on the status of the subgenus Succinella Mabille, 1870 (Gastropoda, Euthyneura: Succineoidea). Beaufortia, 16(210), 1–11.