Niphargus boulangei nov. spec. was found in subterranean waters in the North of France at Maninghen-Henne and near la Trésorerie (Pas-de-Calais). The third mandible palp segment bears, just as in the other Niphargus species a comb-like row of setae, which, however, are in the present species, just as in Niphargus glenniei Spooner, 1952, reduced to very short cilii. The genus Niphargellus Schellenberg, 1938, has been separated from Niphargus chiefly because of the complete absence of a comb-like row of setae on the third mandible palp segment. Yet, after examination of some of Schellenberg’s samples of Niphargellus arndti and Niphargellus nolli a reduced comb-like row turned out to be present, reason for us to propose to synonymize the genus Niphargellus with Niphargus. The two species formerly included in Niphargellus are transferred now to Niphargus and should be named Niphargus arndti Schellenberg, 1933, and Niphargus nolli (Schellenberg, 1938) nov. comb.