A new species, Erylus soesti n. sp. is described from SE Brazil. This study is part of an ongoing revision of genus Erylus Gray, 1867 (Mothes, Lerner & Da Silva, 1999; Mothes & Lerner, 1999) and adds a further brazilian species to the genus. This new species can be distinguished by the possession of dichotriaenes, oxeas, and peculiar cushion-like aspidasters with extremely irregular outline, microspined microstrongyles and sphaeroxyasters. A key for identification of brazilian species is provided.

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Mothes, Beatriz, & Lerner, Cléa. (2001). A new species of Erylus Gray, 1867 (Porifera, Geodiidae) from the southeastern coast of Brazil. Beaufortia, 51(4), 83–89.