Among a collection of fishes received from a fish dealer, destinated for the Aquarium of the Amsterdam Zoo, Mr. Fr. de Graaf found three nudibranchs. He kindly permitted us to study them alive and afterwards to preserve them in the collections of the Zoological Museum. The specimens were collected in the neighbourhood of Djakarta, Indonesia. Colour paintings were made after the living specimens by our painter Mr. Jos Ruting, who also copied in black and white some drawings — published before — for comparison. The Director of the Rijksmuseum van Natuurlijke Historie at Leiden, Prof. Dr. L. D. Brongersma and its Curator for molluscs, Dr. C. O. van Regteren Altena, were so kind to put van Hasselt’s original painting of Doris lineolata at our disposal. This has not been reproduced in BERGH’S paper on van Hasselt’s nudibranchs (1887). It seemed important to show its likeness to Bergh’s Chromodoris lineolata (BERGH, 1905, pl. IV fig. 7) and its differences from Baba’s Glossodoris lineolata (BABA, 1949, pl. XVI fig. 58) here reproduced in black and white in fig. 6.