On a trip to Greece between the 25th April and the 25th July 1963, the authors collected (on the mainland and some islands in the Aegean) insects, amphibians and reptiles as well as 194 mammals. Among the mammals, mainly rodents and insectivores, there were also 27 bats, belonging to five species. Although this collection of Chiroptera is very small, it was thought useful to publish some notes. The more so as some recent papers have appeared (KAHMANN & ÇAGLAR, 1960; KAHMANN, 1962 and OSBORN, 1963), in which the data on the occurrence and the distribution of bats in Southeastern Europe and Turkey were summarized. Immediately after capture, the animals were killed, measured, weighed and then preserved in spirit. As we did not have a colour guide with us in the field, we omitted to make notes on the colours and the colour distribution. The bats, together with the other animals collected in Greece, are now part of the collections of the Zoological Museum in Amsterdam. The authors are very grateful to Drs. P. J. H. van Bree (Zoological Museum, Amsterdam) and to Dr. J. C. Ondrias (Zoological Laboratory and Museum, Athens) for their help and encouragement, and to Mr. J. C. Whittaker for correcting the English.