The type specimens in the bird collection of the Zoological Museum of the University of Amsterdam (ZMA) are listed and discussed. The ZMA, founded 1838, has types of 51 taxa, at least 31 of these are still in use as valid names of species or subspecies, the remainder are synonyms of taxa described earlier or require confirmation. Twenty-three of the 51 taxa in the ZMA consist of holotypes (22 specimens), 11 are syntypes (17 specimens), and 33 are paratypes (110 specimens), and altogether 149 specimens have type status. Among the types of valid species are those of birds like Japanese Waxwing Bombycilla japonica (described 1824) and Sillem’s Mountain-finch Leucosticte sillemi (described 1992). Also, 23 taxa are discussed of which the ZMA has no types, either because they are apparently lost (three taxa) or of which one would expect the ZMA has any because they were described by stalf associated with the ZMA (15 taxa) or taken by collectors associated with the ZMA (five taxa); these are listed in square brackets. Of the 74 taxa enumerated below, most were described in 1863-1876 (12 taxa), 1937-1953 (27), and 1992-2000 (19). New names introduced in this paper are Cacatua tanimberensis (new name for Plictolophus goffini Finsch, 1867, a name preoccupied by Lophochroa goffini Finsch, 1863, which latter is a synonym of Plyctolophus ducorps Bonaparte, 1850) for the Tanimber Corella, and Pericrocotus cinnamomeus osmastoni, a validation of a name originally intended by Snouckaert, 1930, but not formally described, for the Andaman Small Minivet. The designation of a neotype for Limosa baueri Naumann, 1836, is corrected: the action was invalid as the original holotype is still present in Vienna.


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Roselaar, C. S., & Prins, T. G. (2000). List of type specimens of birds in the Zoological Museum of the University of Amsterdam (ZMA), including taxa described by ZMA staff but without types in the ZMA. Beaufortia, 50(5), 95–126.