Four new species from the South China Sea are described: Nannastacus muelleri n.sp., Nannastacus wisseni n.sp., Scherocumella fagei n.sp. and Scherocumella malayensis n.sp. The descriptions of further 15 known species are complemented with new information ( Campylaspis amblyoda Gamo, 1960, Cumella cana Hale, 1945, C. hispida Caiman, 1911, C. indosinica Zimmer, 1952, C. similis Fage, 1945, Nannastacus antipai Petrescu, 1995, N. gamoi Băcescu, 1992, N. gibbosus Calman, 1911, N. goniatus Gamo, 1962, N. inconstans Hale, 1945, N. mitreae Petrescu, 1995, N. pectinatus Gamo, 1962, Scherocumella nasuta (Zimmer, 1914), Schizotrema depressum Calman, 1911 and S. sakaii Gamo, 1964). No Cumacea have been reported from the area as yet.