Reidcyclops n. gen. (Copepoda, Cyclopoida) is established to comprise three species, previously considered as members of the genus Diacyclops: Reidcyclops dimorphus (Reid & Strayer, 1994) n. comb., R. imparilis (Monchenko, 1985) n. comb., and R. trajani (Reid & Strayer, 1994) n. comb. (here designated as the type species). This genus is characterised by a 2-segmented fifth leg, and by the presence of sexual dimorphism in the swimming legs, as well as by other characteristics. In this paper the male of R. trajani is described for the first time from Macedonia. The taxonomic position of the new genus within the subfamily Cyclopinae is discussed.

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Karanovic, T. (2000). On Reidcyclops, new genus (Crustacea, Copepoda), with the first description of the male of Reidcyclops Trajani (Reid & Strayer, 1994), new combination. Beaufortia, 50(3), 79–88.