Investigation of the commensal genus Aspidoconcha de Vos indicates that it belongs in the family Xestoleberididae. Relationships of the commensal Redekea de Vos are uncertain. The genus Laocoonella de Vos & Stock is referred tentatively to family Cytheruridae. Among Ostracoda, symbiosis is more common than was previously realised; the possible occurrence of intra-Ostracoda symbiosis is reported.


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McKenzie, K.G. (1972). New data on the ostracode genera Laocoonella de Vos & Stock, Redekea de Vos, and Aspidoconcha de Vos; with a key to the family Xestoleberididae and a resume of symbiosis in Ostracoda. Beaufortia, 19(254), 151–162.