A new genus and a new species from the Tanzanian reefs are described: Bacescella muradianae n.gen., n.sp. Bacescella n.gen. has common features with Cumella and Nannastacus, but also specific ones. The descriptions of three already known species from the Red Sea (Cumella forficuloides Bacescu & Muradian, 1975, C. limicoloides Bacescu & Muradian, 1975 and C. schieckei Bacescu & Muradian, 1975) are completed with new information. No Cumella species have been reported from the area as yet.


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Petrescu, I. (2000). Cumacea Crustacea collected from tanzanian coasts by the ‘Grigore Antipa’ Museum of Natural History (Romania). Part III. Genera Cumella Sars, 1865 and Bacescella n. gen. Beaufortia, 50(6), 127–138.