Among some coccids from Indonesia, received from Dr. L. G. E. KALSHOVEN, four large specimens were found which by their well developed ovisac showed some resemblance to Icerya purchasi MASK. After comparing the specimens with the photographs in MORRISON’S Classification of the Margarodidae (1928) it appeared, however, that the wax covering of the body was more alike that of Walkeriana floriger (WALKER). The old pinned specimens were not labelled, but Dr. KALSHOVEN remembered that they had been collected by Prof. ROEPKE on „tjemara” (Casuarina). Upon inquiry Prof. ROEPKE informed me that in 1910 he had collected a giant coccid on old stems of Casuarina Junghuhniana MIQ. in the Tengger Mts. (East-Java). The specimens were found on trees near the last bend of the road leading to Tosari, a well-known health-resort at an elevation of about 1750 m, where Europeans often used to spend their holidays. Some specimens had been sent to Mr. E. E. GREEN in Ceylon who replied that it was a species of Walkeriana, but that he wanted the larvae for a description of this new species.