An account is given of the collembolan fauna of the Greek island Rhodos, from material collected in early spring 1970. Altogether 52 taxa were recognized, constituting the first faunal list for the Greek isles. Six new species are described in this material, viz. Lathriopyga hellenica, , Folsomides nanus, Pseudosinella ciliata, Orchesella sporadica, Deuterosminthurus pandayi and Dicyrtomina (Calvatomina) articulata; moreover the new subspecies Acherontiella bougisi rhodia and Deuterosminthurus sulphureus mediterraneus, and the new forma Deuterosminthurus pallipes fenyesi f. pallida. Heteromurus sexoculatus Brown, 1926, is reduced to a form of H. major (Moniez, 1889), Deuterosminthurus fenyesi Stach, 1926, is reduced to a subspecies of D. pallipes Bourlet, 1843. A lectotype is designated for D. p. fenyesi. Folsomides anophthalamis Hepburn & Woodring, 1964, is synonymized with F. americanus Denis, 1931; Oncopodura ambigua Christiansen, 1958, is synonymized with O. crassicornis Shoebotham, 1911; Seira pillichi graeca Ellis, 1966, and S. petrae Jacquemart, 1973, are synonymized with S. ferrarii Parona, 1888. A key is presented to the species of Folsomides, and to the European species of Deuterosminthurus. The Sminthurus viridis complex is represented by S. viridis (Linnaeus, 1758), and a peculiar form of S. nigromaculatus Tullberg, 1872, that presumably represents a separate taxon.