An account is given of 13 species of freshwater planarians from the family Dugesiidae, based on samples from new localities in New Zealand and Australia; these include four newly described and one problematic species. In the case of three species, the material described represents the second series of specimens available since the material used in the original descriptions of these species, as a result of which our understanding of the morphology of the animals can be expanded. In other cases, the new material also contributed to a more detailed understanding of the anatomy of the species. The study concludes with detailed distribution maps for the species examined, including not only the new distributional records described in the paper but also incorporating all earlier records.

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Sluys, R., & Kawakatsu, M. (2001). Contribution to an inventory of the freshwater planarians of Australia and New Zealand (Platyhelminthes, Tricladida, Dugesiidae), with distribution maps of the species examined. Beaufortia, 51(10), 163–198.