Marosichthys huismani (de Beaufort, 1926), a fish from the Miocene of the Celebes, was described in the tripod fish family Triacanthidae, Tetraodontiformes. It is shown here to be a valid genus of the surgeon fish family Acanthuridae, Perciformes, and closely related to the Recent genus Naso. Marosichthys is unique among all acanthurids in having the ventral shafts of the first two basal pterygiophores of the spiny dorsal fin in the preneural space (versus only one in front of the first neural spine) and no vacant interneural spaces (versus the third space vacant).

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Tyler, J. C. (1997). The Miocene fish Marosichthys, a putative tetraodontiform, actually a perciform surgeon fish (Acanthuridae) related to the recent Naso. Beaufortia, 47(1), 1–10.